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Question-whiteGU Coins not given

by Margot Celeste Williams - May 21, 2011 Star_s50 views

Yesterday I was doing a search for hotel rooms for a trip we plan to take. On one of the websites, I got a pop up that said you are currently earning GU coins, 1 per 1.32, or something very close to that. I did book and pre-pay for 2 rooms, each costing $300.38, for a total of $600.76. I did not expect “immediate” GU coins to be added to my account, but it has been 24 hours and I still do not have the credit in my account, despite the fact that my credit/debit card HAS been charged, and I have gotten a confirmation on my reservation.
My question is, how long does it take to have this credited to my GU account?
Thanks guys!

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12-em-plus add reply

if you look at your coins account it states and i quote

transactions usually takes 1-2 weeks to get posted here, but can take up to 6 weeks.

If you waited the above period and still don't see your transaction here, please contact [email protected] and send your invoice and mention that you are a Gamers Unite! member (your GU! ID is #2175772). You'll get a response within 48 hours.

We then award GU! coins 45 days after the shopping post date (sorry, it takes up to 75 days for us to get paid).

i do have to say that i did have 3 transactions that still to this day (and i purchased in January) the company never released funds to GU so they never got paid (they get a precent for you using them, in turn they give you a precent of their share) but they did credit my account for the1,600 coins even though they never go their money. they are a great company and they stand by their promises.


Hi Margot,  it takes time to process these transactions.  You can find more at the following link to the GU! Cons faq page.  (The link should take you to the exact question you're inquiring about.)

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