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Light-bulbjust a few hints for beginners

by Alienslilsis Nikkiandstewie Askmelol - May 21, 2011 Star_s634 views

when you are sent gifts from friends, hold onto some of them, so when you have the challenge of using 3 drinks and 3 cakes, you will have them stored already. coffee machines dont have to be placed on counters ( i did this for ages lol) they can be placed on a single coffee table, freeing up valuable counter space, if you block off the cookers with counters and decorations, your avatar will process ready cakes faster, countless times i have sat there moaning cause she wont move faster, lol, same goes for coffee machines too, the avatar does not need to be able to reach it for it to process, also and this is just a daft one, make sure your customers can actually get to a seat, if a decoration is blocking the way, they wont get to a seat and they wont order, i also found that they do have to have a table infront of them, or they wont order either, fussy devils!! lol hope these wee tips help at least one person out....happy baking :) alien

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