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Light-bulbTips and cheats for Bubble Saga

by Evan Hutchinson - May 21, 2011 Star_s16,375 views

Anybody have any? Here are some.
Every stage that you beat earns you a certain amount of coins depending on how many stars you earn. For example, if you earn one star, you will earn 50 coins, and if you earn two stars, you will earn 100 coins. This remains true for every level in the game no matter how easy or hard the level is, so if you ever run low on coins, need to be able to buy more power ups for a harder level, and have to earn more coins quickly, go back to the very first world (the training world) and beat the easy easy stages over and over. You'll be able to play these a nearly unlimited number of times, because it's almost impossible to lose, and you can earn as many coins as you want in order to be able to buy power-ups that you can use for the harder stages.

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They pop up when you go to play a level. Think it depend on how many stars you have earned per level.


Where do you buy these powerups??

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