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Light-bulbneed for cheats

by Misheel Gantsog - May 22, 2011 Star_s375 views

were can i get cheats?!? and please please please, leave me cheats. i'm beging you!!!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

another trick : go to any match then tell anyone that you have a lots of game over nuke, tell them if they want those game over nukes tell them to press ctrl,z,w then they kicked out of match then you are the winner(if they believe, if they pay attention on you) alltrough i tried to press ctrl,z,w in a match but im asking, why i'm not kicked, maybe my i'm lagging ps: i know this from somebody ;-)


i'll tell u a trick but u may heard it go to last team standing or last one standing @emerald falls, jump from a cliff then get out of the game, u'll get some exp n coins


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