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Its not a garanetee that you will get a pattern you cant have them all come out perfect its just not how it works and two patterned pigs can make a non patterned. if you want a better chance of getting a pattern start doing love potions i buy them from who ever can make them and they help i can breed your 50 pigs in a few days so i see more patterns plus you dont know they are patterned till they are grown it does not show on the piglets.


Thank you Vanessa....
I'm gonna take your suggestions. :)
So many farmers ( you included, of course) have the coolest patterns/colours.
But I tell ya.... the next solid blue sheep I get... is gonna be lamb chops and a sweater.

I really wish Zynga would finish up that crafting building so we can get Love Potions easier. :S
Its such a tease sitting there.


when you guys are looking at the conga line.. and dont see 4 or 5 sheep (5 is the best in a row) did you try refreshing on the top right hand corner where you accept the gifts from your neighbours.. x out.. with out having to start the game over again go back to your sheep pen to get a different pattern number.. seems to refresh the game.. like the number count in your gift box.. also breeding the same pattern together helps the odds.. you should get it by 6th try..


No Zoe, you're NOT alone.
I thought I was having really horrible luck. I've got around 40 + solid purple, blue and green. And ALL of those were bred from 'patterned' parents. I work so hard to get enough Love Potion and bottles only to be disappointed REPEATEDLY!! :(
Glad I haven't forked out any REAL CASH for them. But this 'glitch' is really taking the fun out of the game.

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