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Question-whitewarehouse will not upgrade

by Angela Hale - May 24, 2011 Star_s265 views

Can anyone please help? My warehouse will not finish building when I click on the finish building button. I have tried multiple browsers, and have cleared my cache, all the positions of the warehouse is filled also. I dont understand why it will not finish with the expansion. Has anyone had this problem, and does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

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12-em-plus add reply

i am having the same problem. I have all spots filled and it says Finish Building but when i click it NOTHING HAPPENS!


I now have 2 warehouses and have less storage than I had before. I tried to put something in and got the message it was full. I took 2 things out and now I have less storage, CV is working too fast to bring new stuff and isn't taking care of the city it has. Lots of problems


I am having the same exact problem. don't know what to do.


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