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Question-white Shanghai dragon or the Beijing dragon

by Tina Rourk - May 24, 2011 Star_s20,259 views

I cannot find the Shanghai dragon or the Beijing dragon. I have completed the other quests.  I made sure I have 4 stars in the London Clock Tower and the Shanghai Dock quests. I am at level 35 and want to move on if there are other levels.  Help Please!!

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What category is Trafalger Monument in? Do you have to finish the Shanghai Dock?


get four stars in (London Clock Tower Desk) in Chapter 9 and, you'll get the beijing dragon! i am lvl 38 AND I JUST FOUND OUT TODAY


you got do quest or you not get it puzzle they want you do old ones


hiya am just wondering were is the victory zeba victory giraffe n the trafalgar monument cause i cant find them nowere and i got my jade dragon but the game frozzed on em n i losed it again :S


I have just received the Bejing Dragon. I reached level 36, and built the statue of caesar, the victory zebra, the victory giraffe, and the trafalgar monument.

The Bejing Dragon appears in your inventory (brown cardboard box icon). Once I had done the above stuff, the game told me I had finished the two dragon mission, and I found it in the inventory. It's beautiful.


I just got the jade dragon after completing the Ming vase quest. After a few more quests, it'll prompt you do flashlight mode in London Tower. I'm still waiting for Beijing Dragon.

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