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Question-whiteCan you tell me which horses are Stallions

by Bojana Marija Saćer - May 29, 2011 Star_s174 views

I bought white Thoroughbreed and it is not acting as Stallion. Can someone make a list of horses which are Stallions to make sure this time I will buy proper one.
Thank you!

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12-em-plus add reply

currently there are none for sale. last week the purple stallion was in the dart game and i would never recommend playing the dart game before looking here alot of people share exactly where they find things rather than you ending up paying 200+FVC. and rarely like the snow stallion offered at christmas if you got 500 christmas gifts you could trade them in for the stallion but then you couldnt take the stallion out of the stable or it wouldnt go back in (if anyone knows if this glitch is fixed please share i already rebuilt 2 stables lol) but just buying one would be too easy.


When you buy a horse, to be sure it is a stallion it has to say that it's a stallion in the horse's name.   For example, the White Thoroughbred is only a horse but the Thoroughbred Stallion is a stallion.  Others to date are Clydesdale Stallion, Snow Stallion, White Stallion, Purple Stallion, Black Stallion, White Stallion, Pink Stallion, Black Mini Stallion,  and White Mini Stallion.  Hope this helps   :)


Don't forget the Snow Stallion from Christmas.


white stallion. black stallion, purple stallion,clydesdale stallion,white Thoroughbreed,&Thoroughbreed
and the free wandering stallion think that is all of them


the 'wandering stallion' is the only male, occassionally zynga offer "limited edition black stallion, limited edition white stallion" all other market horses are female


Same here, please help.
I was even told white is stallion.

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