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Light-bulbBeware - Zynga steals: Purhcased Cash Cityville not received - claims/ complaints unanswered

by Giulia Carbone - May 31, 2011 Star_s603 views

Zynga/Cityville found a new way to steal from us - now when you buy Cityville cash - they just don't deliver it - they give Facebook Credits. 
Of course they forget to tell you upfront that you may get FB credits and not the cash you are purchasing immediately. - No changes / notifications on the menus or screens -
I filled 3 complaints (1 to Cityville-Zynga, 1 to Facebook, 1 to PayPal) still need to get either the cash I purchased or my money back.
It sucks - this Co. systematically steals from people and calls that 'bugs'

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12-em-plus add reply

I occasionally buy Groupons so decided to buy them through Cityville and get city cash too. Well, after not receiving my cash SEVERAL times and not having a place to report ALL the problems I got an email from them saying they would not give me credit for anything that was a problem I had to report.
SO, purchase through Zynga at your own risk.
This is BAD and I hope some of the sponsors read this. I know they r paying money to advertise.

I also used some of my city cash to do the instant harvest.
Hummmm Shame on you Zynga!!!!!!


Why are you spending REAL money on a time-passing treadmill game on facebook?

The joke's on you

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