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Light-bulbFrontierville Orchard Missions Guide

by Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - May 31, 2011 Star_s487 views

Frontierville has released a new mission that is rolling out slowly called Frontierville Orchard Missions. After releasing the Live Stock Pen which you can put inside some animals: Sheep, Goat and Pigs. Now, with the Orchard you can put some trees. 
The Orchard mission is divided into 4 little missions:

Orchard Missions

Orchard Mission I: A meadow Orchard

Tend 10 Apple Trees on Your HomesteadHire 2 NeighborsHave or Place an OrchardReward: 300 XP


Orchard Mission II: Peachy Keen

Tend 15 Peach Trees on Your HomesteadCollect 15 Fruit DecalsClear 8 Debris on Your HomesteadReward: 500 xp

Orchard Mission III: Duped by Drupe

Tend 20 Apricot TreesCollect 15 Fruit CratesStore 5 Trees inside your OrchardReward: 700 xp

Orchard Mission IV: A Groovy Grove

Collect 3 Daily Bonuses From the OrchardCollect 1 Daily Bonus from the Water WellTend 30 Trees in your OrchardReward: 1000 xp and 1 Raspberry BushFrontierville Orchard Building Information

After you accept to build the Orchard.

You will need the following Orchard Building tools:

CuttingRootstockGrafting WaxInsect SprayPrunerFencing

After you finish the Orchard you can upgrade it till 1,250 trees! Which is really amazing. I think with 1250 trees in your orchard will be enough:

Note: The Oak & Pine trees can’t be stored in the Orchard.

New Frontierville Trees

With this update there are 6 new trees in our homestead: RaspBerry Bush Tree, Almond Tree, Green Apple Tree, Sour Cherry Tree, White Peach Tree and Plum Tree:

White Peach

This White Peach will give you 2 XP, 3 Food and 40 coins.

Plum Tree

The plum tree will cost you 30 Horseshoes (At the moment) and will give you 6 XP, 6 Food and 60 Coins.

Sour Cherry Tree

The Sour Cherry Tree will give you 1 XP, 2 Food and 10 coins.

RaspBerry Bush

The RaspBerry Bush Tree will give 3 XP, 5 Food and 50 Coins. But will cost 50 Horseshoes. But you will get a free Rapsberry Bush when you finish the Orchard Mission.

Green Apple Tree

The Green Apple tree will give you 2 XP, 3 Food and 20 Coins.

Almond Tree

The almond tree will give you 10 XP, 10 Food and 100 Coins. But it will cost 20 Horseshoes. As you can see the Almond tree will give you the most of everything. Sadly it cost horseshoes. But I am sure Zynga will offer as a bonusgift in the future.

New Frontierville Collections

With the released of the Orchard mission and new feature which you can put the trees on there.

Orchard Collection

Wooden StakeTree SawLopperShakerSprinkler

Raspberry Collection

With the release of the Orchard there are few new collection including this one Raspberry Bush!

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This has been released for a few days now and is posted at the top of the page.  

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