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Light-bulbHelp. I still do not accept gifts. Does not appear in inventory after their adoption. I have no energy or zonning permint. So things needed someone please advise me what should I do?

by Martina Melčáková - Jun 02, 2011 Star_s229 views

Help. I still do not accept gifts. Does not appear in inventory aftertheir adoption. I have no energy or zonning permint. So things needed someone please advise me what should I do?

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, there are limits for some things but what about the others not showing up....or you accepting them, using some, and then MUST REFRESH and loosing them??????? {)*()*(&(*^%&^#%%[email protected]


ontem postei que estou tendo problemas com as energias no meu ÎNVENTORY^em CITYVILLE. como posso ver mais pessoas estao com o mesmo problema.... pedi retorno e ainda estou aguardando resposta dos responsaveis pelo BOM ANDAMENTO do programa.


when people send you gifts,,, you need to accept them before you can see them. some gifts have a maximum wich you can have in your inventory..

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