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Question-whiteI need help!

by Missy Piper - Jun 05, 2011 Star_s6,108 views

I have a couple of questions. First, How do I let someone in? I click on them and hit let me in button and it just askes be to add friends. I even added the friend wanting to be let in.
Also, What damn clock are they talking about? When it says to assist a friend by clicking on the clock above friends in thier manor.
And third,How do I increase my reputation?

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12-em-plus add reply

I asked that same question on the exchange page on facebook and someone told me this. when a friend takes an assistant into a room with them, an alarm clock appears above the assistant they used... if none of your friends have an assistant with an alarm clock, message one of them and ask them to use one of their assistants... reload the game, and then click on it...


the friend thing saying let them is is saying to invite them to play, doesnt mean they will join... the clock is in their mannor when you go to help, just scroll over their name and hit visit.. And you reputation is increased by you helping friends in their mannor just click on the arrows in their rooms or the people with an alarm clock Hope this helps!!

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