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Question-whiteHelp! Any Help with Bowtie in Africa!

by Tasha Posey - Jun 06, 2011 Star_s3,271 views

I can not get past 68% on Bowtie! Please are there any way I can get past this? No matter what I do, I can not get to 80% on this game. Even using extra time from a spin AND buying extra.

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i have been stuck on this FOREVER.... i even got so sick of trying that i stopped playing the game for awhile. so now a year later i still cant get past the 77% mark. I have gotten the 60 second spin and used all my coins for extra minutes... its driving me insane...


i did it in the time frame with no coins, you just have to be quick and consistent


You have to have gold, then you can buy 60 seconds until you get to 80%. It took me a long time to figure that out.


I was stuck on bowtie forever! I finally got past it with 2 more seconds extra time.


I am stuck on the last 7th part of Africa--I am not even close to 61%. I just now got to 45% today--I have been on this level for a couple weeks now. Is there some sort of a trick or what can I do to get closer to the end of it or to the end of it?? Please help me---much appreciated!!


it's crazy,me and my husband playing together and get to 61% whit no extra time but...


I'm stuck there, too....


I've been stuck for a few weeks and thought that was terrible. I'll keep trying.

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