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Light-bulbFirst Anniversary Missions!

by Tonya Collins - Jun 10, 2011 Star_s2,113 views

In celebratioln of the first anniversary of Frontierville, Zynga has released a set of 3 new missions.

1. Frontier Friends and Family!

2. You’re Saving the Children!

3. Celebrating Holidays Together!

Part I of III

Have your Spouse Feed 20 Sheep on your Homestead (These have to be outside the Livestock Pen)

-Collect Ten Frontier Censuses 

- Have your Spouse Chop Trees 20 Times

  Part II of III

- Tend Three Kobe Cows on Your Homestead or a Neighbor’s (look at jack’s homestead)

- Hire Five Neighbors

- Tend 50 Cows on your Homestead or a Neighbor’s


 Part III of III

- Place Ten Fireworks on Your Homestead

- Collect Ten 1st Anniversary Presents

- Tend 12 Reindeer on Your Homestead or a Neighbor’s


Between June 10 – June 15, FrontierVille is also hosting sales and takin’ vintage crates outta retirement! You can also earn double experience points doing work on your homestead, get great quest rewards, and chances to win free Horseshoes !

BONUS GIFTS:Spend $5 on Horseshoes get 2 energy refillsSpned $20 on Horseshoes get beef jerky and 6 animal boosts (each boosts 5 animals)Spen $100 on Horseshoes get 1 Book of experience, 1 ALL animal Boost, and a mystery animal Cougar.


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12-em-plus add reply

Did anyone else have the 3rd mission missing? I completed the first two--then poof--no more missions. I wonder if they removed because of all the problems with the missions?


I had the -15 issue too, but made more. Now I see them in the cabin, but not in my inventory. Yes, I've cleared the cache and refreshed etc. Just cant find them in my inventory now.


Hey guys,

Mine said -15 too, and I was pretty confused. But I made 10 anyway. So I closed out of the game when it still said -5, and when I came back there were 5 (not 10) in my inventory. I placed those 5 on my homestead, then stored them in my shed for a sec, then placed the same 5 again. That counted as my 10.

I was able to do something similar with placing 100 animals in the livestock pen. I kept storing and taking out the same 10 until I reached 100. Just thought I would share :)


you have to place them in your plantation


guhhhh, i feel like i contact them every day. blergh!


I had a ton in my inventory so luckily I didn't have to make any more. I had the same thing happen before. I seriously would do like Barbara said and contact support. This kind of thing is getting very old!


same on my fireworks -14 wth


One of the missions we did lately had the same thing on a different crafting item, can't remember what it was but I had a -4 and had to make 4 to come up to 0 and then make the ones I wanted.  I  think I would contact support as fireworks are not cheap to make if you are going to have to make 35 of them instead of the required 10


so, i went to craft some fireworks and it says that i have -15. how could this be?

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