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Light-bulbempires and allies hack password

by Karthik Eyan - Jun 13, 2011 Star_s81,207 views

pls someone tell me the password

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Please beware, there is a scam going on that claims to be an Empires and Allies hack. More info on this thread:


Closing this thread.


ther's no use of password; they are fooling us. When u will get the password they will say "admin has deleted this file"


To Dela, can you let me know if you had any problems with "wrong twitter account" if so how did you sort it out and if not what did you do to get this to work thanks.


@Hefad Mesta

Yes it Work !
Coins, Points and Energy Cheat.


@John Kerat, can you let me know how you got it to work as I get wrong twitter account thanks John


This a a bunch of crap,


upload the crack let me try to crack it

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