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Light-bulbDisappered 300THOU COINS, Lost 2 Expansion, 3 Oil Well 2, 3 Ore Mine 2 and all Thats in Inventory..

by Jemer Estacio - Jun 14, 2011 Star_s2,252 views

Im at level 34 6hours ago.. I went back to play my Empire and saw this...
See the Space Gap in the Middle? Yeah thats it! My empire was disarranged after they reset.. 2 expansion was deleted, 500,000+ COINS gone, Level went back to 31 and BUILDiNG Units like Ore Mine2  and Oil Mine 2, and State Media is MISSING..
Already contacted the Customer Support and this is what i get from Zynga:
"Let us investigate this issue first commander and we need time for that. For know, I can't do anything regarding on this problem. This is a new game and already have so many players, maybe that's the reason why ther are issues like these. We need to wait commander, but don't worry, this issue will get resolve as soon as possible. We really do apologize for the inconvenience. We are asking for you patience commander Goodfinger while investigating this issue."

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12-em-plus add reply

People be carefull about the "circle" spinning in the top right corner, below your XP level number.

This represents the game receiving/sending data back to zynga servers. If your cut the connection, have a bad signal on the wifi, please make sure it stops spinning before closing the page.


same thing has happened to me twice, but not so bad as yours though.

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