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Light-bulbHow To Move Items From Farm Storage To England Farm Storage

by Tony Glover - Jun 14, 2011 Star_s2,530 views

**NOTE** You will need Charles Web Proxy to use this method. Click Here to get  Charles Web proxy Now
Step 1: Open your farm to the farm you wish to move items from.
Step 2: Open Charles. The recording should automatically be started. If not, start it. Make sure you do NOT have breakpoints on, you will not need that.

Step 3: Move around on your farm until your storage cellar or any other storage building is visible and accessible.
Step 4: Open your storage window.

Step 5: Take the item you want to move to the other farm out of storage, and place back in storage through the storage cellar or building.

Step 6: Go to Charles to make sure you can find the action that you just took. Leave that item highlighted in Charles as it will be where you will return to.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 for the items that you want to move. You only need to do 1 Step five for each item, even if you want to move many of that item. Take note of how many of each item you want to move.
Step 8: Travel to your other farm.

Step 9: Go back to Charles and look at the gateway.php items. When your farm is loaded they should stop coming, and the last (at least recently) will look something like the following. Take note of the sequence number as you will need this number later.

Step 10: When the items stop coming and you have found the sequence number, Close your Farm Browser Window. This is to stop the game from sending any more requests. You will be sending the requests from Charles from this point forward.

Step 11: After you have closed your browser window, return to Charles and find the line you noted in Step 6. When you have that item open Click on the Pencil button on the top row.

This will create a duplicate of this information at the bottom of the list with a Pencil icon instead of the A icon

Step 12: Go back to the item below the one you were just on and click on the pencil icon; repeat until you have a duplicate for each item you re-stored with a pencil icon at the bottom. You should end up with something like this:

Step 13. Open the first pencil item. With the sequence number you noted in Step 9 (you can go back and look if needed, it is the one right above the first pencil item) add one to this number and change the sequence number in the pencil item to that. Also open up the second folder and change isGift from false to true, and target from -2 to -8 (or -8 to -2 if going from EC to Farm).
This is what it looks like before your edits:

This is what it should look like after:

Step 14: Hit the Execute button highlighted above.
On the bottom of the list a new gateway.php item will appear with your request, and the response. Open up the response to make sure there was not an error. If the errorType is 0 - you were successful.

Repeat steps 13-14, always incrementing the sequence number by one each time. Do each pencil item the number of times equaling the number of that item you want to move, and then move on to the next. Check the response for each one.
As long as the item is capable of being stored on the other farm, you should not have any errors. However here are some screenshots of some errors that you can get, but just need to redo your request to get around:


Server Sequence was reset means that you skipped a number by accident - go back to the prior line and get your last successful sequence number, increment it by one and use that number when you retry.

Retrying old sequences means you are using a sequence number that has already been used - go back to the prior line and get your last successful sequence number, increment it by one and use that number when you retry.

This will occur if you forget to change isGift to true - go back and use the SAME sequence number and retry.

There is one error that can happen which you have to stop, re-open your farm and start over again. It is a random thing, so I do not have a screenshot, but the error messages says that Itemcode cannot be stored in Inventory (or English Inventory). Double check that your item is indeed not locked to one farm or another first. If it is, move on to the next item. If it is not - you will need to stop here, and do the remainder later. A list of items that can be stored in either the Home Farm or the EC Farm - current as of this posting is here - Part 1: Part 2:
When you are finished with all your items, re-open Farmville in your browser window and check your storage.

Everything that you did should be reflected in your storage.
Any questions, etc. comment to this post.


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12-em-plus add reply

can this work with other farms


It is now possible without al this work just complete the quests get a cute castle and you can transfer everything back and forth between farms. It is really cool I have been doing this for two days now its awesome.

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