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Light-bulb"missing snag bar"

by Sue Johnson - May 23, 2010 Star_s287 views

I recently downloaded the snag bar , ,but then, all of a sudden i got a message saying i probable installed one two many, there is an old one and a new one. I searched for answers on how to solve the problem, remove the older one. I unistalled the older version and left the new one and i could'nt see the new one, so i then unistalled the new and re-installed it again hoping that this will work. You know what happened? nothing! I then checked to see if it was installed and it was.Now i still cannot see the bar. Can someone tell me if i doing something wrong?

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12-em-plus add reply

under tool , i am not seeing "tools bar",ok, i found it under view. I just clicked on it and it appeared. Thanks alot patty.


On your online tool bar go to tools and then click on tool bars and then Gamers Unite. I did something and that was how I solved the problem.

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