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Light-bulbA Great Father's Day Weekend for Breeding!!!!

by Claire Benson - Jun 17, 2011 Star_s328 views

Yea good news from Farmville if you like breeding

FarmVille Tomorrows Father's Day Loading Screen

Patterns on Rams and Boars will pass on 100% of the time.

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12-em-plus add reply

interesting question on that one.. dont even see any one breeding the new pigs on the feed.. i think i am just going to call it a night till tomorrow.. i was on live chat with another issue and he said the 100% pattern will start on sat and end on sunday.. so dont expect anything tonight.. dont know what time though..


Is that what's holding it up?


They have to fix the glitch on the new sheep and pigs.. first we could not see them.. but the ones you could not see you new were the good ones.. (Lepoard Sheep) You can see them now, However you would think that the glitch is fixed and its not the hybrids are coming out duds - straight patterns.. they have the odds set up like the pig patterns in the quest making it impossible to breed.. Have people caught on that these are not glitches but part of the programming when they pull stunts like that.. it drives me up the wall..


oops sorry FV Freaks they also have pictures of father day gifts


when/where did you see this

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