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Light-bulbEmpires & Allies Cheat: Learn 2 New Ways To Get Thousands Of Coins In Empires & Allies!!!

by Elian Roque - Jun 17, 2011 Star_s74,636 views

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Hi guys, since Zynga patched the arches links here I have another 2 great ways to get thousands of coins. Basically the trick is to ask for Coins(300 coins each) or/and Columns(150 coins each) and sell them to get coins (Like the arches trick).
Column = 150 coins  (Click The Image to Request This)
Coins = 300 coins (Click The Image to Request This)
The trick is very simple, you just have to click on the item you want to request in several different tabs(ctrl+click) (I do not recommend opening more than 10 pages because the browser will slow down), wait for the pages to fully load and choose all your friends in each of the tabs. Then send the "Help" requests and you have to wait for them to accept.  
After a while (depending on whether your friends help you or not) you will find the items in your inventory.
The last step is to sell all the Columns that your friends send you.

To do this you have to go to the menu that has a small arrow icon and choose the option to sell. 
Go clicking on each of the Columns to sell them, if you sell this item you will receive 150 coins each.
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Hey also another blog which may help you - http://empiresandalliesstrategy.posterous.com/


ty for info


Guys Those HACKS does not work! They are just trying to get you information...



I will add a link to your post on a site I'm an editor at - http://empiresallies.info . This is def awesome timing since the update was just on the 22nd.

Good goin Elian!


have you a megaupload lien for this hack


is this some way that we can send this to E&A friends only because now zynga has disables e&A friend list. Any clue


Unfortunally at this point, no.


Great, Is there any other item that sells for more coins?


Thanks again Elian. You're the best!


Good, Thanks :)


Finally another cheat like the arch.....thanks!

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