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Light-bulbPioneer Camp Missions

by Tonya Collins - Jun 18, 2011 Star_s3,041 views

The Pioneer Camp comes with 6 new missions that will have us building a camp for travelers of the Pioneer Trail! Finishing each mission will unlock a new traveler with their own unique story.  After finishing each mission, The travelers will  gather around your camp!



Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part I of VI

- Finish building a Pioneer Camp
- Tend 40 / 20 Cows on Your Homestead
- Clobber 5 / 2 Groundhogs
Reward: 500 XP – Flint – Blue Tent

Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part II of VI
- Chop Oak Trees 100 / 40 times on your homestead or a neighbor’s homestead
- Collect 2 / 1 Pine Cones
- Collect 10 / 4 Trail Canteens
Reward: 1000 Coins – Nature Journal – Girly Tent

Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part III of VI
- Collect One Chicken Drumstick / Breast
- Collect 100 / 40 Food
- Collect 8 / 4 Preserving Salts
Reward: 1000 XP – Roasted Mallow – Pioneer Stew

Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part IV of VI
- Clear 50 /20 Grass on on your homestead or a neighbor’s homestead
- Harvest 10 / 5 Wildflowers on your homestead
- Collect 8 / 4 Stinky Herbs
Reward: 2000 Coins – Skeeter Ointment – Polka Dot Tent

Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part V of VI
- Collect 5 / 2 Saltpeter
- Collect 10 / 5 Iron Ore
- Collect 10 / 5 Rounds
Reward: 1500 XP – Roasted Mallow – Camo Tent

Goal: Pioneer’s Camp, Part VI of VI
- Craft 2 / 1 Cribs
- Collect One Brake Lever
- Collect 8 / 4 Shipping Manifests
Reward: 2000 XP – Mess Kit – Horsestream Trailer


Building information:

The camp will cost you 10 coins and 4 wood. The daily bonus will give you a pioneer campsite collectable. You will need to collect 6 guyline, 6 kindling, 6 tent fly which are all sent by "ask friends." You will also need to collect 15 of each of the following by wall posts, tent stake, weenie roasts, scary camp stories.


The collection trades in for a "sleeping bag for 2". You will need to collect flint, nature journal, skeeter ointment, roasted mallow, and a mess kit.



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12-em-plus add reply

You know what sucks about frontierville. You ask for items but they block the items out after a few of them are givin. For instance, lets say your ask your friends for muddy paws. After you recieve about 5 of them fronm your friends, it tells everyone else that you are "plum outta rewards". Game is a big fail.


"I saw the mission once and..did not get it. Now I can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it?"

Naturally, I checked the market first, but I don't see it in the Special or buildings sections. I wish I could help you. When I logged in this morning, I was asked for the third or fourth time if I wanted to place my camp. No thanks, Zynga, my camp is already built But I hear that Georgia would like to place one...


i,m not able to get any groundhog for 3 days now,no matter what i harvest..grrrr


all done now ive got a bunch of dumb looking Pioneer s settin around doing nothing Grrr lol


I saw the mission once and..did not get it. Now I can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it?


already done with this waiting to see whats next lol


I have finished part four of these missions but part five will not come up. Anyone else having the same problem?


@Carrie, click on support at the bottom of your game page.


i cant seem to get past part 1 everytime i complete it my game freezes and i have to restart. this is the 5th time !! Can sum1 please tell me the addy for zynga so i can mail them...


I also had to click on hear story before i got part 3


I had to click on 'hear story' before my 3rd mission came up. I wonder if this will occur between all levels?


I got it fixed. It just took refreshing about 5 times. Thanks


I received part III right after completing part II.


I have finished part two of these missions but part three will not come up. Is this something that is coming out really slow or is anyone else having this problem. Just wondering before I contact support. Thanks

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