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Light-bulbA Great Fathers Day Weekend? Getting a plain colored pig when putting 2 patterns together.

by Vanessa Galpin - Jun 18, 2011 Star_s334 views

June 18, 2011

A Great Fathers Day Weekend? Yes people are complaining that they are putting two pattern pigs together and getting a plain one that has no pattern on it. A friend of mine adopted one of my pigs that I made for her. It was bred with a Leopard Boar and a Leopard Swine. Needless to say she was disappointed when it grew up to be just a plain boar... How angry or disappointed would that make you when you can only adopt one pig a day. Talk about being short changed. Anyone else having problems? 

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@ bab.. could not get anything yesterday from customer service with regards to the gold sheep.. driving me up the wall mind you the cs rep has vey little knowledge with regards to anything... I have been stocking up on lps bab in anticipation on the release of the sheep.. Yes all the pigs are doing what they are sapose to be doing but still with the new patterns we are not able to get the duo colors which is a pity.. but then you can only expect soo much.. And I agree with keeping it simple for sure.. Yes a lot of players are gone already and no one right now is breeding.. only because there is no point... they have their patterns or somewhat and waiting for something new..

@ Brenda and James a lot of people were having problems. The pity is that during this promotion of 100 % patterns people could not get through to customer service or there was a one hour wait on chat.. very frustrating.  I did not have any issues with the breeding process and got what i wanted.. but i know my friend and daughter adopted and got plain ones.. sheep which was a major disapointment when you can only adopt one sheep or pig a day.  In a way I am greatful because it stops people from grabbing 10 off your wall, at least it gives other people an opportunity to get a cool one.  However again.. if the game is not working properly it is a major disapointment..



i bred 3 times with my rainbow ram and only 1 came out color changing polka dots, other two were solid colors


I adopted a leopard boar and bred him twice with plain color pigs and received plain piglets. No leopard spots. Already contacted Zynga. Also complained because I had Farmcash that disappeared when I leveled up. They denied the Farmcash and didn't even address the issue of the pattern not being passed on in the pigs. THIS AIN'T OVER! :-)


Going well here. Short on potions tho. Contact support and see why. I heard that the Gold sheep with stars was problematic before today but I got the candy cane pig and he seems to be doing alright. This whole breeding situation is going to drive people away. Its silly to make a simple game like this so difficult.
I think in the long run people are going to get fed up and stop buying stuff and eventually leave the game. I notice I have a ton of players gone already, :(

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