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Light-bulbIs it just me........?

by Odette Yolann Matthews-Lewis - Jun 20, 2011 Star_s138 views

Is it just me who finds this game absolutely ridiculous....?  the expansions are ludicrous, costing more and more coins and there is no way of gaining energy after the obvious....i know Zynga is a money making company, but come on, u need you players to be able to play da dumbass game in order to keep your company running...
I need a coin cheat...does anyone have any ideas?

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12-em-plus add reply

I have no problem playing for hours on end

If you are running low on coins, you need to be in people's community buildings because when you visit them, you get hundreds of coins and when they visit you, you get more coins when you harvest.

Try having a lot of friends... I don't know my exact friend count, but it's gotta be over 100. I sign in, play with 50 energy, visit 50 people where I replenish 50 energy & get coins & ore I need (perhaps defend a spot on someone, which gives you 1000 coins & 1 of everything else) etc and time will get better.

I average over 100k in coins a day... if you aren't paying for it, you gotta grind it out

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