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Light-bulbHow to change the color of a pigs pattern?

by Heather Schwartz - Jun 21, 2011 Star_s194 views

I am trying to change the colors of the patterns I have on my pigs. I have red tones white and green tones patterns. For example how could I get the patterns to be blue??

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12-em-plus add reply

I will try what is suggested, I have tried the saddle back, and it produces an ugly flesh color. So unless I did something wrong I may stay away from that one.


If you want a particular color pattern, the fastest way to do it is to breed a patterned boar with a solid sow of the color you want the pattern to be. Eventually, the pattern color will come out close to the sow's original color. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of trial and error, especially given the lower success rate of not breeding with a patterned sow.


Breed a purple and a red. They give lovely shades of blue.


try breeding with saddleback pig avail in market---

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