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Question-whiteHelp with ore mines

by Brice Carder - Jun 21, 2011 Star_s1,089 views

As i visit some neighbors i see that some of them have gold and other resources produced from thier ore mines, can somebody help me on how to do that i just cant seem to fiqure it out. thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

Since you only produce one type of ore and your neighbors can only produce one type of ore the markets you build are helpful.

If you click on the "My Neighbors" tab at the top of the game it will show you all of your neighbors and easily tell you who is selling what.

Instead of invading for the 5 pieces of gold I need I can see whos selling it real fast and go buy it from them.


Basically, each of your neighbors only produces one type of ore. You can get more ore in battles, purchasing for 4000 coins from the menu, or buying whatever ore your neighbors produce in their market. You can also get their ore from attacking their mines (and winning, of course). If they don't log on for a while or drive you out, you can return and collect the ore you won every 4 hours until you are driven out.

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