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Light-bulbMystery game/I won a pony

by Rae Hall - Jun 21, 2011 Star_s208 views

I know I know its probably all random but I thought I would throw it out there for fun.
Server 1 the center blue balloon had a gold pony. The yellow balloon right above it had a golfer duck.

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The Mystery game is a shell game...This week i have looked at over 300 boards...and did not see 2 that were exactly the same seems like there are certain balloons that are more common to have the stalllion...but the mini stallion would be in a different spot...where 1 found the pony the next would get a duck... I did find the Mini stallion in the same #20 balloon as i got the Chrome Pony...BUT since i didnt have 100 dollars to blow on it i didnt find the Chrome pegasus.... and personally I am beginning to think that "the game" calculates how much cash you have and your willingness to keep adding and keep on til you get the rare.... I BET that i have seen 50 boards that have less than 5 balloons left when they found the rare... and at least 5 of my friends have done this 3 weeks in a row.....the same people clear the board every week...THEIRS are never in the same place...I JUST CANT BELIEVE THIS IS A COINCIDENCE....started out...2-3 balloons and i'd get it...then 4-5...and the last 2 ive played 8 didnt find it....there is NO WAY i am ever gonna pop 20 balloons and NO ONE can help you find the Stallion when "The Game" can move it at random to keep you chasing after the little cartoon horse picture that you dont have..... But I am in the same boat as everyone else...That is why i am here looking at old post for any kind of tip or clue which balloon to pop next...LMAO


uuuh server 0 middle balloon was a stupid duck and its not random it goes by server and i hope everyone knows rather than buying/redeeming your GU! coins for higher up cards1$ Zynga gift cards gets you a free dart.


server 2 pls position, anybody ..... thanks


When you are playing the game hover you mouse over the "invite friends" tab and look at the bottom of the page and it tells.
No things will not necessarily be in the same spots I was on server one and Aisabelle was on server one and the center spot was different. The reason this server thread got started was because it was thought there was only 3 game boards for each server. Now I hear it's really random so I just posted this for fun. Some people still believe it helps though.


Server 3 has the Mini Stallion on the last row (bottom), last balloon (red)


How do you know what server you are playing on, and if your on the same server is everything in the same spots?


Server 0
center was stallion
Right Uppermost corner was the mini stallion

But like she says it's probably random.


Server 1 as well, center blue gave me the duck, but the yellow one up and over one to the right gave me the golden mini stallion.

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