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Light-bulbLooks like the Rodeo has come to Frontierville, missions and a new Rodeo Arena

by Barbara D'Angelo - Jun 23, 2011 Star_s3,100 views

The Rodeo missions will lead you to building a Rodeo arena and Racing your horses.  Once you complete your arena you will be able to race your horses against your neighbors horses, you will see the friends you can race against by clicking on your Rodeo Arena. Horses will have different levels assigned to them according to the skills the horse has.  Races will last for 12 hours, during which neighbors can cheer you on with news on your feed, this will give your horse an edge to win.  A new drink called Bronco Tonic  will allow you to race again without resting your horse.

To Build the Arena:

you must be level 22 or above, the Arena is bought in the market place for 10 coins and 5 wood.

Building materials include:

12 Round Pen  
1 Rodeo Lariat
8 Clown chaps
8 Rodeo Dirt
8 Bronco Chute
8 Racing Barrel

The  round pen is ask friends, the lariat is ask non-friends to join Frontierville in another attempt for us to advertise for Zynga lol, and the last 4 are feed items.

How the Races work:

When you click on your Rodeo Arena the first tab will allow you to pick your strongest horse and a neighbor to race.

Neighbors will be listed along with the horses level and the difficulty level, which will be easy, meduim or hard depending on the horses skills. Once you choose someone to race with you can post the race and ask for cheers.

Once the race is started you can click on the Rodeo Arena and check on how the race is going.  The top 5 horses will be listed, along with Race friends, the races in progress and a place for you to ask for cheers.  Races run for 12 hours.

When your race is done a checkered flag will show in your arena, you can then check on how you did, The races completed will be listed and you can click on get results to find out how you did.  You can even see an animated version of the race!

After the race your horse will have to rest and recuperate, you can race with other horses or wait for your horse to be ready.  If you are feeling rich you can buy Bronco Tonic for 8HS each and it will make your horse ready to race again.

There are 4 missions along with the Rodeo Arena

Part 1: Saddle up!

Tend 25 animals on Horseback
Plant 20 corn
Harvest 20 apples

Rewards:  250 XP, 250 coins, A sugar cube

Part II A Mysterious Stranger!

Clobber 3 groundhogs on horseback
Clear 10 grass, yours or your neighbors
Have 10 Rodeo Posters

Rewards 250XP, 250 coins, A Carrot treat

Part III How'Bout them cowgirls

Collect 10 Go Bess flags
Harvest 20 flax
Mix a Concoction

Rewards 250XP, 250 coins

Part IV  Giddyap!

Compete in 5 Barrel Races
Feed 5 Neighbors horses
Collect 3 Rodeo Arena Bonuses

Rewards 250XP, 250 coins, Unlocked Midnight Bronco.

There is of course a new collection Called the Ropin'Collection, which is comprised of:

Rodeo boots, Silver buckle, Parade Saddle, Ropin'Reins, and Mustang Blanket.

Reward for the collection is an apple.

And a new badge!

Rodeo PeeWee:  3 Rodeo challenges, Reward 100XP 1 carrot
Rodeo Rookie: 50 Rodeo challenges, Reward 2HS
Rodeo Amateur: 100 Rodeo challenges, Reward 4HS
Rodeo Professional: 200 Rodeo Challenges, Reward 7HS, Rodeo sign

Information from The Frontierville Express, and Fronterville Legend.


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I am having the same problem that other are having I can not race every time I click on race nothing happens. Has anyone figured out what we need to do?


Got the same problem... Everytime when I click on "race" nothing happens... It's been like that for 2 days now


hi there...has anyone else problems with starting the race?i cannot complete a mission cuz' i can't start a race...pls helppppp.thnx


my problem is, it allowed me to start the race, but I cannot go any further. I have no flag showing in my arena, and everytime I click the 'race' tab, nothing happens. All I can do is 'collect bonus'. It's been like that for over a week now. Was hoping it would rectify itself, as sometimes these problems do....


when I race my horses, it wont let me click on cheers so I always seem to lose, does any one else have the problem of not being able to post the cheers post?


How do we feed some of the animals now that they are in the pen or barn... can we click on it and it works, same with the boosts. I stall just trying to see who raced me havent made it to a race yet _ { .Really loving the added stuff to place animals now I can get more questing done.


anyone else crashing after finishing your 5th race?? I finish my 5th race, get the mission completed screen then I get the ever annoying "blasted internet ...."'s happened twice now - just wondering if I am alone or shoudl I report to Zynga...


@Barbara--yes, I have it pop up sometimes--but other times, it is not showing up. And I believe if you lose--you do not receive anything?


There is a place when it tells you that you won, in the popup in the upper right corner that says what you got, it usually dipicts coins and horse XP and a lump of sugar or a carrot .


@Barbara and Tonya--I reported to Zynga customer service last night and she was going to report to the developer team. The representative even thought that it was being deducted from the 50 and not the 30. They gave me some more carrots, apples, and cubes of sugar--but they are worthless to me because I am always using the granny punch. They do not work with the granny punch. They are intended to give you double xp, however there is no extra when used simultaneously. And the races are confusing--how do we know what we are getting for rewards? Nothing is shown after the races.


Well it looks like I am racing, there is a checkered flag in my unfinished arena lol


I don't get why it is taking away from the gifts you recieve, it should be taking from the helps at least you have 50 of them.  With all the races going on it won't take long to depelte your 30 gifts you recieve and since you are not getting anything but helping it makes no sense


@Brenda , from what I can tell the cheers help you score in the race but it takes away from wall feeds you can receive.

@Sonya, when you need the tonic click on "wake up for 2 tonic" and it will allow you to post a request to your wall.


@Barbara--the only thing I did figure out today was that the cheers are minuses from the 30 gifts we can receive. Very confusing! I could not see anything in my inventory box for reward and if it is xp--then I am not sure how much.


Brenda, I can't see any rewards either, it is counting as the gifts you get not the ones you help others, I just checked, I am down to only 10 gifts left since so many people were racing today


I have a question concerning the cheers we give to the other racers. Are we supposed to get a reward? And does this count toward our 50 gifts that we can give? Also, does this add bonuses to the horses? I have attempted to figure this out, but not much information. I cannot see any rewards being given for the cheers.


@Barbara, I have farmville blocked and don't see requests but My kids have Frontierville blocked and don't get gifts, ect that are sent to frontierville but somehow always manage to get the ones that Zynga makes us spam them with. I don't understand why those got through but they do.


Anyone know how to get the bronco tonic?


So does the person you send the lariat request to actually have to sign up or do you get it just for pushing zynga on an unwilling friend?


I play constant. A helper.

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