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Light-bulbA Guide to a Customer's Heart

by Laura Foreman - Jun 25, 2011 Star_s5,995 views

Have you been fed up what item the customer will buy next? After loving them and to only end up having to spend all your gold, to unlock that certain item, and to spend more gold to cargo in that item items. This is where I come in, to help you with this problem on the individual customer's orders.
I am currently level 128 and have finished ulocking all the items and the customers. The customers are strictly stated by name and followed by what items they buy. I will not include: the price of each purchase of item the customer buys, how many love points it takes to achieve each different item, what level of shop size/beauty comes from each of the the customer. I will just strictly include the items location and what items the customer purchases.

1. Bakery - Bread, Croissant, Bagel, Bretzel, White Bread, Brioche, Waffle,
2. Cake Shop - Cookie, Coco Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake
3. Pet Shop - Goldfish, Hamster, Tuxedo Kitten, Rabbit, Labrador Puppy, Husky Puppy, Striped Persian, Chow Chow
4. Clothes Shop - Socks, Tee Shirt, Blue Jeans, Shirt, Floral Dress, Spangled Dress, Leather Jacket, Wedding Dress
5. Candy Shop - Hard Candies, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bars, Lollipop, Jelly Beans, Twisty Pop, Cotton Candy, Candy Apple
6. Hat Shop - Baseball Cap, Fine Hat, Cloche Hat, Panama, Bowler, Top Hat, Flower Hat, Elegant Hat
7. Florist - Dasies, Marigold, Sunflower, Tulip, Roses, Orchid, Cactus, Lilies
8. Shoe Store - Flip Flops, Black Flats, Ankle Boots, Brogue, Floral Flats, Booties, Peep Toe Pumps, Golden Pumps
9. Electronics Store - Retro TV, Computer, Television, Camcorder, Robot Pet, Laptop, Flat Screen TV, Arcade Machine
10. Jewlry Store - Pendant, Diamond Earrings, Heart Ring, Old Watch, Pink Ring, Solitaire Ring, Bling Ring, Daidem

1. Nice People - Bakery
Billy Gin = Bread, Croissant, Cookie, Brownie
Angelina Pretty = Croissant, Bretzel, Coco Muffin, Cupcake
Little Paris = Bagel, Bread, Cupcake, Cookie
Justin Baby = Bretzel, Bread, Brownie, Coco Muffin
Granny Doubtfire = White Bread, Bread, Cheesecake, Coco Muffin
Mister Drumond = Bread, Croissant, Cheesecake, Brownie
Tiny Tiger = Croissant, Bagel, Apple Pie, Cookie
Jessica Alpha = Bretzel, Waffle, Cupcake, Wedding Cake
Jude Low = Brioche, Bread, Coco Muffin, Brownie
Julia Rogers = Waffle, Pancakes, Cookie, Cupcake

2. Upper Class - Cake Shop
Dory Spelling = Cookie, Cupcake, Cheesecake, Bagel
Chuck Boss = Coco Muffin, Cookie, White Bread, Croissant
Ian Womanizer = Brownie, Coco Muffin, Birthday Cake, Waffle
ABBy Mac Deal = Bagel, Cupcake, Cookie, Brioche
Polly Croquette = Cupcake, Cookie, Apple Pie, Hard Candies
Henry Doddick = Apple Pie, Brownie, White Bread, Socks
Holly Workaholic = Croissant, Coco Muffin, Bagel, Kitten
Lady Goldwoman = Cheesecake, Muffin, Bread, Goldfish
Bill Ionnaire = Waffle, Brownie, Apple Pie, Marshmallows
Bernie M. = Brioche, Pancakes, Cheesecake, Tee Shirt

3. Globetrotters - Pet shop
Sashie Me = Hamster, Rabbit, Cookie, Croissant
Sue Shi = Goldfish, Hamster, Bread, Coco Muffin
Ali Gator = Brioche, Tuxedo Kitten, Apple Pie, Chocolate Bar
Jasmine Dehlicious = Wedding Cake, White Bread, Stripped Persian, Blue Jeans
Hugh Hellfire = Labrador Puppy, Apple Pie, Bretzel, Shirt
Buffalo Gill = Rabbit, Waffle, Hamster, Lollipop
Indiana Joyce = Birthday Cake, Cupcake, Kitten, Bread
Ben = Husky Puppy, Goldfish, Bagel, Cookie
Jerry = White Bread, Birthday Cake, Goldfish, Chow Chow
Pam Cakes = Pancakes, Brioche, Cheesecake, Labrador Puppy

4. Crazy Dudes - Clothes Shop
Ugly Becky = Socks, Bretzel, Cupcake, Hard Candies
Biting Butcher = Tee Shirt, Shirt, Croissant, Leather Jacket
Jimmy Raculous = Waffle, Blue Jeans, Apple Pie, Brownie
Dr Crazy House = White Bread, Cheesecake, Shirt, Rabbit
Vanessa Dako = Floral Dress, Birthday Cake, Bread, Marshmallows
Billy Rotten = Blue Jeans, Bagel, Socks, Hard Candies
Chuck Morris = Bread, Apple Pie, Shirt, Husky Puppy
Kathleen Dion = Spangled Dress, White Bread, Cheesecake, Wedding Dress
Malcom Jackson = Brioche, Birthday Cake, Leather Jacket, Persian
Betty Gaga = Waffle, Pancakes, Wedding Cake, Leather Jacket

5. Geeks - Candy Shop
Ruth Less = Hard Candies, Chocolate Bar, Croissant, Brownie
Ken Nerdy = Marshmallow, Lollipop, Bread, Coco Muffin
Bridget Widget = Bretzel, Chocolate Bar, Cupcake, Labrador Puppy
Donald Mc Ronald = Cookie, Croissant, Jelly Beans, Tee Shirt
Tuesday Adams = Jelly Beans, Muffin, Pancakes, Socks
Kate Woman = Lollipop, Bread, Twisty Pops, Floral Dress
Lee Golass = Birthday Cake, White Bread, Marshmallows, Spangled Dress
Mac Intouch = Twisty Pop, Jelly Beans, Brownie, Brioche
Mike Rosoft = Bretzel, Apple Pie, Cotton Candy, Blue Jeans
Bill Jobs = Waffle, Bretzel, Wedding Cake, Candy Apple

6. Monsters - Hat Shop
Zombrero = Baseball Cap, Hard Candies, Tee Shirt, Goldfish
Zombimbo = Fine Hat, Spangled Dress, Labrador Puppy, Jelly Beans
Drake Ultra = Panama, Tuxedo Kitten, Twisty Pop, Leather Jacket
Bleeding Beauty = Floral Dress, Flower Hat, Cotton Candy, Wedding Dress
Chatkira = Cloche Hat, Socks, Elegant Hat, Elegant Hat, Floral Dress
Big Badwolf = Cotton Candy, Bowler, Hamster, Blue Jeans
Bones = Socks, Top Hat, Rabbit, Lollipop
Georgestien = Hamster, Bowler, Chocolate Bar, Tee Shirt
Parker Killer = Chocolate Bar, Tuxedo Kitten, Panama, Shirt
Al O'Ween = Candy Apple, Blue Jeans, Husky Puppy, Top Hat

7. Farmers - Florist
Willy The Kid = Dasies, Goldfish, Marshmallows, Socks
Cherry Pie = Marigold, Hard Candies, Floral Dress, Rabbit
Charlie Galls = Sunflower, Blue Jeans, Labrodor Puppy, Shirt
Caroline Galls = Spangled Dress, Orchid, Lilies, Candy Apple
Horst Shoe = Tulip, Striped Persian, Shirt, Cotton Candy
Joe Holly = Goldfish, Cactus, Hard Candies, Leather Jacket
Molly Wood = Daises, Roses, Marigold, Tulip
Bud Bunny = Blue Jeans, Roses, Husky Puppy, Wedding Cake
Courteney Ox = Floral Dress, Striped Persian, Orchid, Lolipop
Miss Bookworm = Marshmallows, Lolipop, Spangeled Dress, Lilies

8. Champions - Shoe Store
Will Steering = Flip Flops, Twisty Pop, Tee Shirt, Tuxedo Kitten
Miguel Jordan = Ankle Boots, Hamster, Shirt, Jelly Beans
Katarina Wind = Black Flats, Chocolate Bar, Floral Dress, Chow Chow
Mary Onjones = Spangled Dress, Booties, Lolipop, Rabbit
Geena Camaro = Floral Flats, Hamster, Twisty Pop, Spangeled Dress
Tiger Oops = Socks, Brogue, Huskey Puppy, Cotton Candy
Bart Bat = Goldfish, Flip Flops, Hard Candies, Leather Jacket
Aphrodite Williams = Stripped Persian, Peep Toe Pumps, Marshmallows, Wedding Dress
Joe Idaho = Chocolate Bar, Labrador Puppy, Ankle Boots, Blue Jeans
Jeane Nastic = Floral Dress, Tuxedo Kitten, Jelly Beans, Golden Pumps

9. Sci Fi - Electronics Store
R3D3 - Retrp TV, Sunflower, Baseball Cap, Flip Flops
Metallika - Computer, Black Flats, Fine Hat, Dasies
Fun-E - Television, Brogue, Bowler, Roses
Sun-E - Cactus, Laptop, Orchid, Floral Flats
Chewbaba - Camcorder, Panama, Top Hat, Ankle Boots
Rob O'Cop - Baseball Cat, Robot Pet, Bowler, Brogue
Goodzilla - Candy Apple, Cactus, Camcorder, Top Hat
Fred Ator - Flip Flops, Bowler, Laptop, Sunflower
Schwarzinator - Roses, Ankle Boots, Flat Screen TV, Baseball Cap
Lily Alien - Peep Toe Pumps, Flower Hat, Lilies, Arcade Machine

10. Fairy Tales - Jewlry Store
Arthur = Pendant, Marigold, Baseball Cap, Lollipop
Cindy Rella = Heart Ring, Fine Hat, Tulip, Black Flats
Prince Goodwill = Old Watch, Top Hat, Brogue, Roses
Fay Retail = Orchid, Pink Ring, Cloche Hat, Booties
Ironic Man = Diamond Earrings, Bowler, Daisies, Robot Pet
Steel Lady = Floral Flats, Solitaire Ring, Tulip, Flower Hat
Woody Boogie = Marigold, Hard Candies, Old Watch, Brogue
King Burger = Top Hat, Ankle Boots, Solitaire Ring, Sunflower
Queen Dairy = Cloche Hat, Cactus, Bling Ring, Booties
Lucy Redhead = Elegant Hat, Golden Pumps, Orchid, Diadem

I will edit more as I continue with the game.
Happy Loving!

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1. Nice People - Bakery

2. Upper Class - Cake Shop

3. Globetrotters - Pet shop

4. Crazy Dudes - Clothes Shop

5. Geeks - Candy Shop

6. Monsters - Hat Shop

7. Farmers - Florist

8. Champions - Shoe Shop

9. Sci-Fi - Electronics

10. Fairy Tales - Jewelry

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