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Light-bulbChrome users can still get some Snag Bar features even though Snag Bar isn't "Chromed" yet!

by Theresa Normandin - Jun 25, 2011 Star_s1,339 views

At the moment, if you try to get the Snag Bar on Chrome, you get a message saying "Sorry, the full Snag Bar doesn't work on your Chrome browser but if you're just looking for 1-Click Gifts, try our new Google Chrome extension" and that's great as far as it goes, but I discovered that you can also access useful Snag Bar features like Feed Checker if you just bookmark its link: first, go to the GU myfeed page which I copied while using the Snag bar in Firefox.  Then just your games in the "My Games" section at the right, and you're set!  You still have to click on each post individually, but it still goes pretty well because Chrome is so fast ... so until the GU folks get the full package up and running, here's to happier gaming, Chrome users ... p.s. hope this helps me get selected for Top Poster

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