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Light-bulbDouble flasher sheep made over fathers day weekend!!

by Kevin Bueno de Mesquita - Jun 25, 2011 Star_s210 views

i am the only one in farmville with these double flashers. I have pairs
of all patterns. During the fathers weekend I found a gltich to make the
double flashers!!!!!! Now if u wud like to trade me something for a ram or two i will be eternally
greatfull and u will probably get more of my flashers for free so this
is an offer to become friends with me too. With double flasher sheep i
mean inside pattern changes color and the body does at the same time!!!!
with the pigs i did not manage to make double flashers so i can only
gift color changing patterns...... so no full body color changing pigs!
PLZ add me if u wud like to trade!!

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