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Light-bulbThe Proof is in the Pictures: Color-Changing Sheep are Broken for Breeding! (6-26-11)

by Laurel Beth Martin - Jun 26, 2011 Star_s188 views

Boy, am I ticked at Zynga right now.
Remember when they saved us from the horrible hackers and promised that
our "illegal" sheep would be able to pass on all of their traits as soon
as they were released in the market? Well, that seems to be the case
with patterns, but I'm calling BS on the color-changing trait, even
though it was specifically asked about over and over.
In the picture, the sheep are grouped with the ram standing behind his
offspring. All of the rams were bred with the same no-pattern,
color-changing ewe from the "illegal" days. The conga-line shows that
the color-changing trait can be inherited (we already knew that the
conga-line doesn't take into effect constrains in the programming) and
that the ewe's pattern is color is considered to be black. In each
pairing, the ewe was selected first, because I experimented earlier
today and found that the ewe's color as much more likely to be passed on
if the ewe was selected before the ram.

Check that out! The black pattern color was inherited, but whenever the ewe's color should have been passed on...
Last week, I could still breed CC stars and hooded sheep with this ewe
and CC patterned rams. When I get more love potions, maybe I'll give it
a try.

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12-em-plus add reply

Your ok if you have the ram and ewe color changing sheep with patterns.. what they have done with the chameleon is reverse the order.. so it no longer works... if starting from scratch.. Which is not fair as far as I am concern..because with having the c.c. with straight patterns and the straight colored sheep with c.c. patterns you can breed the duos.. Both the body and the patterns change colors unfortunetly you can not do that if you did not keep your pairs..

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