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Light-bulbFarmVille Rope, Gear, and Axel Now Giftable: Prepare for Construction

by Vaibhav Maheshwari - Jun 28, 2011 Star_s1,360 views

The FarmVille Gifting Page has been updated with three new items which include Gears, Axel, and Rope.


All of these items are construction materials that are needed for an upcoming decorative building, so start stocking up on these supplies. You will be able to send and receive these items for free via the FarmVille Gifting Page.

More information will be coming soo..

Happy Framing....hit likes and rply...

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12-em-plus add reply

It's for a building that will give you watering cans. What do I need a special building like that for when I already get watering cans from harvesting orchards & from spec. delivery boxes... not to mention that they're the easiest things to pick off of the game feed. I'm really disappointed it's not for something useful.


they were there for a day or 2 but now they are gone, i gifted some around, and have some in my gift box too from other people, the building will probably come out soon, and then we can use them. hope its a useful building


not there for me either


they are not there anymore


I was wondering about these items. Thanks for the heads up.

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