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Question-whiteDo you know where you can play happy pets not on facebook?? PLEASE HELP!!!!

by Tori Anderson - Jun 28, 2011 Star_s5,418 views

My mom and Dad are kicking me off facebook because they think the games cause viruses. There is one game I can't live without, Happy Pets. I can't find a place to play other than facebook. Sure I'd have to restart but it's better than never being able to play again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

and animal jam if you want.... I fell sorry for you too but hope the other pet websides help you


Do you want to know games not on facebook? this is where I always go : foopets, dogzer, clubponypals, webkinz, horwser.... They are all pet games and my favourite is foopets , I think you should try it out it are not on facebook but it is fun(3D) Find me at amazingworldmoao or animaljammoao on foopets for more imformation if you want


You can register to play at http://gamesdreams.com/showthread.php?11487-Play-Happy-Pets-Game-Online
You have to register then they will accept idk tho


Well I agree with you. My mom said Happy Pets makes computers to have viruses and I want them to be fixed. I'm sorry for getting your account deleted. Did you do something wrong?


Without Facebook With Happy Pets, You will Not Buy Anything That Cost Facebook Credits, You Could Not Ask or Help a Coop, Den, Or Stables, I Was Going to Ask Someone to Unlock My CandyLand House!


THERE IS NO WAY OTHER THAN FACEBOOK!!! facebook is essential for happy pets because your facebook friends are your neighbors; without facebook connected to the game, there wouldn't be pet park which is one of the best features in the game. there couldn't be friends to help you build chicken coops or dino dens or horse stables.

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