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by Le Magnifique - Jun 29, 2011 Star_s1,452 views

Hello everyone! 
In case anyone has wonderded why the One-Click Sharing has not been working---Zynga is currently working on it! 
Here is more:
One Click Sharing Availability Updated---06/29/2011 at 16:41

Update 6/29/2011, 9:40am PST - Currently, One Click Sharing is not widely available. If you already had One Click Sharing enabled and now cannot access this feature, please note that we are working on updates prior to re-releasing this feature on a larger scale.

What is One Click Sharing? 

It’s a new way to use Extended Permissions to make your farming easier! When Farmers who currently have this feature click “Share” on an item, they won’t have to wait for a Facebook window to pop up. Instead, the post is automatically made for them!

If this feature has rolled out to you, and have not given FarmVille Extended Permissions yet, you will be prompted for it and can choose to opt in or out. 

If you have already given FarmVille Extended Permissions, the feature will work automatically and your posts will go out right after you click “Share” on items!

If you wish to opt out of One Click Sharing, here's how:

Go to Facebook.
Click on Account > Privacy Settings.
Under Apps And Websites, click on Edit your settings.
Under Apps You Use, click on Edit Settings.
Edit Settings for FarmVille.
For "Post to my Wall," click on "Remove"

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12-em-plus add reply

I would use the Google Chrome browser for game playing, but use Firefox for snagging. Try it---works much better and faster! Also, try going to Farmville through it's own website:


At the moment everything works again. It started happening when I installed the new Firefox. Apparently everything is compatible again :D


i click on "Remove For "Post to my Wall," but this not work,help please!!!!!


I have more problems then just the "one click" buttons not working. I have even problems just logging in to my account. I am kicked out a lot and when I want to log in I have to identify my computer every time and I am having trouble to get to my game apps. The secure browsing (https) has to be shut of and that button doesn't work much either, in Firefox, it does in IE, but everything there is running with a lot of problems as well. Its going on for a few weeks now. Sometimes I even can't get to my account , it is "not available". This is the first time I am able to post a comment here. Could not reply to anything . Do more people have these problems? Haven't been able to ask facebook about this issue.

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