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Light-bulbIs it just me........?

by Odette Yolann Matthews-Lewis - Jun 30, 2011 Star_s58 views

Or does anyone else have the problem where nothing they do is saved?  i have been playing the game and for the last 3 days, nothing is being saved....I will play and when i come out of the game and go back in, everyting i did before is undone...i dont get it....Also, i have to refresh my frontier about 4 times before i can use it cause when it loads, i cant do anything at all on it...can anyone enlighten me please?

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12-em-plus add reply

I am having the same problem, especially with the horses like odeete said. I finally decided to put it to rest unti they get it fixed. I am having  a little problem even without the races but it never fails If I race it will post to my wall but when I come back in the races or anything I did after is not saved.


@Odette--it is a Zynga thing--not you. It has to do with getting the results of your horse races. Whenever I click on 'get the results' and then refresh my game--any work completed after this is not saved. I have reported to Zynga 2x and they realize they have a problem and are working on it. Please report your problem to Zynga live chat and at least they can compensate for your losses.
Also, do not get the 'get results' until this feature is fixed.
Hope you good luck!

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