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Light-bulbFourth of July Celebration (mission guide & details)

by Rohan Thota - Jul 01, 2011 Star_s1,431 views

Howdy Pardners!
It's the Fourth of July and I hear that Jack has arranged for some Celebratin' on the old homestead! It's sure to be a sparkly good time so don't miss the party, it only last until July 21st, 2011!

Buy the Fireworks Stand in the Market or place it when offered:

Build the Fireworks Stand:

Completed Fireworks Stand and Menu:

Go Inside to Craft Fireworks, items can be found doing chores on the Homestead: (Image to be updated)

Once you have crafted some fireworks, you will need some matches to light them off! 
See if your friends can help you out:

Blow it Up! Don't worry you can rebuild the Fireworks Stand and Blow it Up again!

Hire 3 Crazy Friends to help with the job:

This message will remind you that you will need to rebuild to craft more fireworks after you blow up the Fireworks Stand:

The Missions:
Quote:This Land is Your Land
- Chop Trees 30 Times on Your Homestead
- Plant 25 Wheat
- Visit 15 Neighbors
Reward: 570 XP - One Match - Blue Spider Firework
Stars and Stripes Forever
- Tend 25 Geese on Your Homestead or a Neighbors
- Have 10 Pyrotechnic Stars 
- Craft One Fireworks at the Fireworks Stand
Reward: 676 XP - One Match - Red Peony Firework
America the Beautiful
- Find or Obtain 25 Matches
- Tend 30 Apple Trees
- Set off 5 New Fireworks that are Crafted from the Fireworks Stand
Reward: 776 XP - July 4th Decor Crate - Giant Roman CandleFourth of July Collection (not to be confused with the 2010 Collection which is retired)

New Badge:
Star Student: Set off 5 fireworksShell Worker: Set off 25 fireworksMortar Packer: Set off 100 fireworksPyro Boss: Set off 500 fireworks
Remember to check the Market! 
Patriotic Crates! Liberty Bell! Liberty Cherry Trees and More!

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12-em-plus add reply

doing the mission it tells you to craft fireworks in the stand but theres a short cut try buying them in the market it will complete the mission before the fireworks stand is built..


go to the market and buy a fireworks stand and you will get the first mission


How do you get this mission?

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