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Light-bulbIs there a bot to visit neighboors?

by Ramon Bastos - Jul 01, 2011 Star_s325 views

Its taking so much time.. =/

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12-em-plus add reply

allbots.org, they just released one, it's tricky to get it to work, but it does!


I think everything past "No" was unnecessary. The only response to this post should of been from someone who knew if there was a bot. As it is, Joseph has wasted everyone's time who checked this post with his dribble.



I have a smile on my face because I actually had bet people that this post would come up. A few days ago Zynga dropped the number of neighbors you received energy from to 5. They quickly bumped it up to 20 from the outcries. Then after more complaints they went up to 100. When they did this I told ya'll watch now you cried about not receiving energy for 100, now that they let you, people won't even visit 20. You post only proves my point.
Look botting is like rape. You see you are suppose to "wine and dine" or in this case "take your time visiting neighbors". You then, through the time you spend you are rewarded, in life by maybe a kiss or a touch, in game by energy and loot. When you circumvent that and say screw it I want the GOODS and screw the rules, you are raping the game. Yes I just told you if you endorse botting, you are endorsing rape. Both are acts in which a person ignores another persons request to NOT abuse either their intellectual or physical property. So now I want you to think on that when you want to say screw what everyone else does I want my loot now.

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