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Light-bulbTop posters of the week ( July 1st) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Jul 01, 2011 Star_s1,019 views

Summer has come! Hope everybody is having a good time enjoying the weather. OK, enough of the chit-chat, here are the top posters of the week!

Empire and Allies Posts

Elian Roque -  Empires & Allies Cheat: Get A Free Poison Gas 1 With Only Click! Cheat Status: Working!

Have you gotten your FREE poison gas yet?? If not, go check out this super popular post by our super star Elian! We think it's still working! It was actually very hard to just pick one post from Elian's as 5 of his posts were all ranked in the top 50, but since Ana and others recommended this on last weeks top posters of the week, we chose this one. Thanks Ana!


Another super star, GoodFinger had another great tip on getting 3 times more materials if you are higher than level 14! If you are lower than level 14th, you will only get 1 item each as GoodFinger explains it in details. We've also added these links on our Empire and Allies gift page with tons of other building materials too, so go check them out!

Nik Firdaus - Cheats : Learn How to Complete a Gather Ore ( Iron, Copper, Uranium etc ) Job Easily!

Nik shared a top secret cheat here! Not sure if it's still working but worth checking it out! I'm not revealing the details here because one of the commentor said "shhhhh.. don't share this!" LOL

Joseph Brewer - The Cost of Requesting Multiple Items.

A VERY interesting post that caused a debate among our members "is it rude to send mutliple requests to your friends?" I've always seen split opinions about this on all occasions :D Whether you agree on one side or not, it's a very entertaining read!

Darren Prime - And The Empirs & Allies Hack

This week we got attacked by a group of scammers (or it could be one person creating many fake accounts) who own this site and we were busy deleting and banning them. Darren shares his experience with this site and warns others not to get tricked. BEWARE of posts that says "it works 100%, download it here (but do this and that before, yada yada ya)"

Frontierville Posts

Tonya Jones Collins - Pioneer Camp Missions

You know where to go when you want to know about new missions on Frontierville, yup people seem to know as Tonya's post was ranked #4 this week (after two of Elian's posts and GoodFinger!) Thanks Tonya for keeping the Frontierville forum alive and helping other people too, the Frontierville forum is really one of our favorite forums on our site. :) 

Rohan ThotaFrontierville Legends IV: Save Trees From Cordwood Pete Mission Guide

Speaking of Frontierville, we have a new star in our forum! Rohan has been posting new mission guides which have been stickied on the Frontierville dashboard page for people to easily refer to. Check out the lastest mission Fourth of July Celebration (mission guide & details) that was just posted by him also!

Barbara D'AngeloLooks like the Rodeo has come to Frontierville, missions and a new Rodeo Arena

And of course, another popular post by our dear mod Barbara! (again Barbara is not on the selection team to choose top posters) Thanks Barabara for keeping the forum safe and clean!! :)

Farmville Posts


Such an entertaining post with lost of images and big letters! I am personally not in sheep breeding (or any breeding) but reading Vanessa's post always makes me laugh, she is an active player but is also light hearted too which really show on her post. Thanks Vanessa for your dedication!

Teresa Donald - How to Disable/Enable One Click Sharing

Certainly a big feature that was talked alot this week! Seems like some people love it and some people don't. Vanessa added some tips that is worth the try too!

There were really lots of great posts this week and we are sorry we coulnd't award everybody. As always please nominate the posts that we missed!



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12-em-plus add reply

The posts here are Really Helpful. That is for sure


sorry to post here, but not sure how to contact the owner of gamers unite, i saw that you were the admin.........Can you please add slotomania to your snag bar preferences...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!


bli ngerti......bli ngerti......


Thanks guys!!  In Niagra Falls enjoying the Candian and American Falls.. Great weather.. off the comp for the weekend.. I am sure I will have lots to catch up when I get back from my holidays.. Using the hotel computer.. night still young.. kids in bed with grandma.. going to enjoy my last evening here with the locals.. lol Thank you all kindly!!


A lot of thank you for everyone who had votes and choose my article past week ago. To the our Admin, tqvm in advance for choosing my article as Top Posters of the Week. I will continue to write article and wait for my article soon!

p/s : they still dont noticed about that. and its still worked (i mean my cheats of course).. heee ^^


Great! Thanx.. Great Job Everyone.. I miss my board on FV lol my frien Vanessa, your my Idol hehehe


Again I would like to thank you for noticing the posts I have submitted. This time however I would also like to congratulate ,Goodfinger Ole Lautner a fellow member of Empires & Allies Military Academy. We are working on more tips/tricks and such for the E&A community. We thank GU! for there recognition and the opportunity to assist both current and new players.
"Have a Good Day, and Good Hunting."

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