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Question-whiteMAGIC WANDS in Monster World

by Francesca Benet - Jul 03, 2011 Star_s7,854 views

I've had magic wands sent to me as gifts (which are soooo great). I'd like to send some too, but they are not on my "gifting inventory".  Also....anyone know how to request them?

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u can now get magic wants with enuff points in the cactus game.


Magic wands from my understanding only come from mystery gifts and you never know when it will be one


I'd like to have many magic wands.


what is a 'magic wand' ?


i've received magic wands from mystery gifts from my friends too. they turn to trees, coins or maybe nothing i think. i love magic wands too. ^^


yes i would really like to know how to get more wands on monster can we get some or who knows how to get us some lol


I have only received them as a mystery gift. So I try to send lots of those in hopes my friends will get magic wands. HTH

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