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Light-bulbSave Some Energy - trick

by Zoe Wash - Jul 03, 2011 Star_s1,818 views

You gotta fix your fences, right? It costs one energy for each throw of the hammer. Here's a way to avoid (for the moment, at least) spending all your energy on fence repair:
Buy several fence sections and store them somewhere in your yard, away from the zombies' reach. When it comes time to fix fences, use the "Move" feature and replace the broken sections with your new sections. Now, you will eventually have to fix the broken ones, so you can replace broken sections in the future, but you won't have to do it immediately. Then, you can, possibly, at your leisure, choose to fix all fence sections when you feel you have enuff extra energy. This way, if you have something special you need to do, you won't have to risk zombies breaking thru.

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12-em-plus add reply

Final update (I think!) and many thanks to Gamer's Unite for the post of the week honor!

I have one more update to this tip, and I'll beg forgiveness up front being being so sloppy! When you hover over the fence sections that you want the hired help to fix, it will highlight up to as many as 5 sections! So be careful about highlighting and you can get 5 sections X 5 neighbors = 25 sections fixed for 1,000 coins!


And today, it dawned on me... (now don't chide me if you figured this out sooner, I wasn't trying to "fix" this situation and I feel silly enuff for not having realized it sooner...lol!)... that all the trash and weeds that have accumulated inside the area where I keep the zombies relegated, could also be taken care of with hired help. The zombies won't attack them, like they would us! :-D


I discovered today that there's a way around even having to spend energy to FIX those fences! Hire someone else to do it. Now, that may seem obvious, but here's the special thing about that: They will fix 3 SECTIONS of the fence, instead of just the one thing they usually do when you hire them for other jobs (like clearing only 1 out of 5 on the rubble).

You can only hire 5 neighbors each day, but that adds up to 15 sections of fence! At 200 coins a pop, it'll cost you 1000 coins, but that's better than spending your own energy!


You can also move the fencing from rubble of the other houses on the gamefield to your own compound. The brown fence is stronger than the picket fencing, so i just double fenced it, using the brown on the outside.

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