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Light-bulbthe weddings's here (mission guide,details)

by Rohan Thota - Jul 08, 2011 Star_s3,340 views

Remember NOT to craft before you get the mission or it won't count. 

Howdy Pardners!
We've all been waiting for it; the big day is finally here! Time to help Fanny & Hank tie the knot!


Please note you must complete The Proposal & Wedding Dress missions to receive this one.
After receiving the following popup in-game, select "Okay" to start the wedding missions (while completing them, you will get a few cut scenes showing the wedding's progress & ceremony!)

Quote:Preparing The Chapel
Prepare to Host Wedding by upgrading Chapel
Harvest 20 Cherry Trees
Place 2 Bottles of Sparkling Wine
Reward: 500XP, 1 Cameo Choker
A Request From Fanny
Tend 30 Apricot Trees
Customize Fanny's Wedding Dress
Collect 10 Skeins of French Lace
Reward: 1000XP, Wedding Vows, 1 Blue Ribbon
Get The Young'Ins Ready
Harvest 30 Pink Roses
Have or Collect 2 Downy Feathers
Exchange 10 Wedding Favors with friends
Rewards: 1500XP, 1000 CoinsAfter you complete the third mission (Get The Young'Ins Ready), the following cut scene will appear:

After the scene is over, continue with your missions.
Quote:Got Cake
Harvest 20 Wheat
Make the Wedding Cake
Try a Weddng Cake Slice for a sugar rush
Reward: 750XP, 1 GarterYou can purchase the Wedding Cake in the wedding wagon. Please note it is hidden until you get to the mission above, Got Cake.)

Once you've completed the cake, it will look like this:

Now back to your missions.
Quote:The Officiate
Place 4 Petal Baskets
Tend 30 Pigs on your Homestead
Clear 10 Debris on Your Homestead
Reward: 1000XP, Jacques Found!
Quote:The Wedding
Host the Wedding Ceremony
Visit 8 Neighbors to spread the news
Reward: 2000XP, 250 FoodClick on your chapel to host the wedding.

The following are requirements for you to fulfill to host the wedding.

Some tips on how to get the items above:
For Fanny:
Choker: Awarded by completing the first mission.
Blue Ribbon: Awarded by completing the 2nd mission (A Request From Fanny.)
Jewelry: Collected from friends.
Garter: Awarded by completing the 6th mission (The Wedding.)
For Hank:
Wedding Bands: Crafted in the Wedding Wagon using Eternity & Gold Nuggets. Gold nuggets are found by doing random chores or you can ask friends in a gift request.
Tuxedo: Crafted in the Wedding Wagon using Black Velvet & Thread Spool.
Vows: Awarded by completing the 2nd mission (A Request From Fanny.)
Jacques Found: Awarded by completing the 5th mission (The Officiate.)
The screen for the wedding bands and tuxedo will appear like this: 

Once you receive all of the above, the wedding will begin. Another cut scene will appear as follows (ll of the NPC’s and family gather around the Chapel to watch the wedding - even Bess!)

Hank & Fanny kiss. They then proceed to walk over to the inn and disappear 

Inside the Wedding Wagon are more items for you to purchase to decorate for the perfect wedding on your homestead. 

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12-em-plus add reply

Yessss! Does anyone know what happens if u finish the quest and never got the armadillo shoes? Please help!


Well looks like mine is stuck. Didn't get the Amardillo shoes. So now what??


i finished the cake, but never got the piece in my inventory


Finished task but no wedding happened!


sparkling wine i found in the wedding wagon available for purchase with the "wedding gifts"


I found the gold nuggets by clearing debris on the homestead


This is where I'm at:
Prepare to Host Wedding by upgrading Chapel=done
Harvest 20 Cherry Trees=done
Place 2 Bottles of Sparkling Wine= can't figure out?
please help, thank-you


I have been getting some from clearing wildflowers.


Any tips on getting the gold nuggets?? (Besides asking) what chores have people done to achieve these items??


I havent gotten it either


I completed the previous mission but haven't gotten this one yet?

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