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Light-bulbWithering time in Empires and Allies

by John Merchant - Jul 10, 2011 Star_s2,392 views

Like farmville, in Empires and Allies crops do wither and the withering time is different for different crops. However oil, wood and metals do not wither. The withering timing depends upon the time taken to grow the crop. The timings in can be categorized in two different groups that are Shorter than 12 hour Crops and 12 hour or longer.

Shorter than 12 hour Crops
If the crop grows in less than 12 hours, it will wither 24 hours after they are ready to harvest. Some crops that grow in less than 12 hours are shown below.

12 hour or longer
If it takes more than 12 hours to grow a crop, it does not wither for a time twice as long as the crop takes to grow, before it will wither. So Eggplant which takes 12 hours to grow withers 24 hours after it is ready to harvest.

Source: http://empiresandallieszynga.blogspot.com

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12-em-plus add reply

It is correct for artichoke, which is all I plant. At the 48 hour mark after crops are ready they will wither-which is twice as long as they take to mature.


not entirely accurate i have seen the game settings and proper times are here http://empiresandallies.wikia.com/wiki/Farm

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