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Light-bulbNew Crafting Quests

by Rae Hall - Jul 14, 2011 Star_s565 views

Quest one
A Place for Everything
-- Place Silo
--- Get 6 building Permits
--- Harvest 100 carrots
100 xp
2 hinges, 2 screwdrivers and 2 tin
Everything In It's Place
Harvest 10 sheep
Harvest 100 fruit crops
Harvest 2 apple tree
250 xp
2500 coins
tool rack
Quest 3: Put It All Together
Your third quest requires a little bit of crafting! You’ll need to make one Fertilize All in your Craftshop, get 9 bushels from neighbors, and request 6 Burlap Sacks from friends. Your rewards are 500XP, 2 Rainbow Apple Trees, 2 Rainer Cherry Trees and 5,000 Farm Coins.

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12-em-plus add reply

It's all good. With all the OOS's I logged out before I saw the quest in farmville. Thank you though! :) <3


After you place the silo


Does this quest pop up after you place your silo on your farm or after you complete expanding the silo?

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