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Light-bulbwhat is up with the ducklings?

by Walter Frederich Sexton III - Jul 16, 2011 Star_s74 views

Every time I add a new duckling and ask for help, I cant see the duckling only the yellow arrow above it. When I click on the arrow, nothing..... Anyone else having this problem?

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12-em-plus add reply

Ihave also "lost" things however they are not gone just invisible. I have been told that it happens when they zynga adds something new i.e. the silo. It is just a bug and it should be fixed soon. I hope, lol. Note: you can move the invisible items around when they are ready to be harvested, use the move tool.


im having the same problem as well. cant figure out why. sure wish they would fix it...


I have recently lost 4 ducklings, 1 himalayan, 1 turtle, 1 ewe, and 1 white cat. Thats just one week.


I got several red and blue ducklings when they first came out. I even got some of the swans/ducks they were supposed to turn into. Then all my ducklings, no matter what color, would only give the brown and yellow style end ducks/swans. I gave up at that point and now just sell all my ducklings. I really wanted the blues and reds but no such luck. It was fun while it lasted.


i am i also lost like4 foals when i put them down i weird

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