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by Christine Schulle - Jul 16, 2011 Star_s939 views

For the last few days I have barely been able to get into CityVille long enough to return ar send a request much less collect from ships and buildings before the freezes start.. It is extremely frustrating to the point of dropping the game altogether.. My other games are fine it is just CityVille. My sister is having the same issue as I am .. You click on a building and it freezes.. I cant even visit friends at this point.. Please help ! is anyone else having the problem? I have been playing for a long time and hate to quit over this.

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12-em-plus add reply

Mine has been freezing for awhile now I use to play it everyday and now Im lucky if I get to play it once a month. Everytime I try to load it the gifts page comes up and I click on maybe 1 or 2 gifts to ecept and then I have to refresh it again. Im tired of it and think I will quit palying cause I dont have time to refresh my page 10 times


Mine isn't freezing, I just can't store anything so I can't deliver goods to my businesses. Very disappointing!


me too...will probably stop playing...this use to happen with FarmTown until they made an option to freeze the animals. We need the options to turn off movement or pause them somehow...oh well there are always other games...


Yes thats whats happening to us as well and it is frustrating to say the least. I hope they fix it soon because it has become to frustrating to make the game enjoyable anymore.


Mine takes forever to load and sometimes my cursor freezes where I try to click on something else and the whole scene moves. I just keep clicking and finally it will let me do something. Now it takes forever to load the city before I can do anything!!


yes very true,sumtyms cityville takes lots of time for loadin, even wen it shows its done sumtyms it doesnot update it, and wen u play again u find it not done. dunno how dis prob's will solve. but other frens of mine dont find any such prob's. y wid me den. i luv cit ville.

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