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Question-white why am i not able to receive or send gifts to some of my frontierville friends

by Jayne Vaders - Jul 18, 2011 Star_s222 views

For some reason I am not able to receive  or send gifts to an awful lot of my frontierville friends. How do I get them back? I can still visit them,just not collect or send anything to them.Is it possible to delete them as friends and find other ones I can receive and send gifts to.

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I can't seem to pickup gifts or help my neighbours from my home page


Please expaine more fully why can't you recieve gifts: are they not on your list, do you try to send them and they dont' recieve them, are they not on your feed or do they have you blocked for some reason.  If they are blocking you then I would delete them as FB friends and find new ones.

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