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Light-bulbDoctor's Office Upgrade - Animal Hospital Missions

by Tonya Collins - Jul 19, 2011 Star_s4,500 views


I. What's up Doc?

Collect one general store bonus

Collect one daily barn bonus

Tend 20 neighbor's animals

rewards: 400 xp, 400 coins, 2 critter milk

II. Granny gets to work

Rehabilitate two animals

Place 10 animals in the hospital

Collect ten animal anatomy books

rewards: 600 xp, 600 coins, Dr. Cluck Statue


III. Getting in Shape

Clobber 5 varmits

Have or collect ten critter milk

Harvest 50 peppermint

rewards: 800 xp, 800 coins, cougar cub


IV. Off to a better place

Collect Three animal hospital bonuses

Collect 15 anesthesia

Sell 5 rehabilitated animals

rewards: 1000 xp, 1000 coins, brown alpaca



store 5 injured animals receive 500 xp, 500 coins, 500 food

store 25 injured animals receive 1000 xp and 2 dinners

store 100 injured animals receive 5000 xp and 5000 coins

store 500 injured animals receive 7500 xp and Dr. Cluck

 Building information

To finish your upgrade you will need: 5 Chew Toy’s, 15 Animal Kennels, 15 Animal Pillows, 10 Stethoscopes, 10 Hypodermic Needles and 10 Medical Scales.



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12-em-plus add reply

can someone tell me some injured animals..i need another tre to sell


Jennifer, if you use the 'Store' icon, it moves the animal to where it's supposed to be stored, whether that's Barn, Livestock Pen, Show Pen or Animal Hospital.
Can anyone tell me what 'Get Healed Animal' on Doc's menu does?


Jennifer, if you use the 'Store' icon, it moves the animal to where it's supposed to be stored, whether that's Barn, Livestock Pen, Show Pen or Animal Hospital


I can't get any injured animals on my land no matter what I do ,,, I see other ppl has had this problem . Is there something I can do for to get them ?


Can anyone tell me how to actually move animals into the completed animal hospital. Ive tried everything i can think of, its usually something simple but i cant get it to work. any help would be appreciated Thanks


Any of the injured animals that you have helped, The problem I have with that is they are all the best XP and coin items you can tend, most are 18XP and 500 coins.  I still haven't decided what to sell. Cry   These include: white buffalo, robin, spring quail, spring ferret, spring bear cub, brown mule, purple duck, mallard duck, spring chinchilla, pregnant rabbit (which I have not seen yet), black deer, and gorgous swan from ugly duckling.  Can't think of any more right now.


I cannot get an injured animal to show up no matter what I do! Seemed like before I couldn't take a breath without 7 of them dropping in!


Which animals count in selling five rehabilitated animals?


I can't seem to get any more injured animals to come on my land. I've cleared all the debris, harvested my trees and fed all my animals, and still nothing and I need them for part two - Anyone else having the same issue, or know how I can fix it?


No did i, and had a hell time picking them what to sell ;-( sad day on the frontier


I don't want to sell any of my rebilitated animals  :(


my robins and quails are once again free so I am not sure what is going on lol


My Robins, quail, deer, buffalo, have always cost me energy to feed, I usually feed them after the ones that give back energy like the mystery animals, but I amost always feed them with the feeder, so I am not sure what it does with singlely.  They are placed so I feed the ones that give energy are done first so I will have enough to feed the other ones.  There have been glitches that only affect a few people before and you must have gotten one of the good ones!


barbara, are you talking about mystery animals or the injured animals? the mystery have always cost energy except those candy cane gliders that give energy but the deer, ferrets, buffalo, quail and robins have never cost me energy, I have probably 100 of the quail and robin so I would know if it were costing energy to feed them before tonight. Not trying to argue just trying to figure this out and make sure we are on the same page. Thanks


mine have always taken energy to feed, but some of them like squrrels give back energy making it look like you are not using any. 


I have always fed 5 at a time and it never used energy and have even fed them with no energy available now it is taking 5 energy if I use my feeder and no energy if I feed them one at a time


I feed 5 at a time and its always took 1 energy


has anyone else realized that now the injured animals that are healed are now requiring energy to feed?

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