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Question-whiteSuper Crops for recipes and co op ?

by Melissa Conklin - Jul 22, 2011 Star_s318 views

Can the super crops be used in place of regular to craft recipes and to complete a co-op job? Has anyone tried this yet?

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12-em-plus add reply

I also tried super Grapes in my co-op. It did no accept seeding or harvest. What bugs me is why would
Zynga release something and say there the same and then not let them be the same in a co-op.


Once super crafts r harvested they assume the reg


Here you have all know info about Super Crops. (Yeah the post is mine I'm shameless lol ^^). The Co-op requires specific crops and Super Crops are different crops so It's quite logical. Regarding crafting yes they can be used for such as they drop 4 normal bushels instead of one as regular crops do.


OK, I tried it myself and super crops do NOT work for the co-ops. Not sure about the crafting recipes yet.

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