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Light-bulbTips and Tricks

by Connor May - Jul 24, 2011 Star_s65,815 views

This is a space for people to post tips for battle pirates I found there were no other pages like this for battle pirates so I decided to make one, anyway lets cut to the chase.
I found (after a while) that stockpiling resorses was a handy thing becuase sometimes you may want to upgrade something build or do other things and you simply cant, I suggest upgrading zynthium & oil

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Reading Noob Posts! LOL I have Icebreakers, I can hit everything!


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My own personal trick for when I use when my main fleets are repairing is for hitting lvl 17 drac cargo fleets using lvl 6 and lvl 4 forsaken. First fleet you want to make up of using Skirmishers with Rapier II or Cutlass I. Cutlass would be better since you can simply use run n gun all the way. But if you only have access to Rapier then get a fleet of longships equipped with thud III/IV cannons and Armour(Optional). Use the Skirmishers to kill the 2 destroyers while running. Then I would just send them into the light cruisers(they weapons out range your Rapier). Now send in the longships to finish the job. If you get lucky then you should be able to kill the remaining cruisers in a single attack. But more than likely it will take 2.


Battle Pirates Base Design Video

from battle pirates player guide


I always go here for battle pirates tips, trick and cheats:


Here's a good tip for easy salvage, especially for lower levels, people with marrauders. When you build your marrauders, no mather what weapons you use, always put steel 2 in one armor slot and let the other ones empty. You're gonna get 300 in armor, so it's gonna take exactly 5 minutes to repair. You repair one boat at a time and speed up immediatly, so you don't wait. I have now 4 fleets like that and attack 25S salvage only 1 to 2 times to get ressources. When you attack, target the back of the ennemy(green spot behind the ennemy) with your middle boat(you go straight thru the ennemy middle boat) and spread your 2 boats on each side 30 degrees diagonally from your middle one(green spot on the side of ennemy boat at the beginning of the fight) so they don't get hit too hard by mortars. Remember that you can attack on and on because you don't have to wait for repairs. I stack lots of ressources like that. Keep a bigger fleet for carriage and attack in other sectors


the outpost pays the most when attacking a base so although wh protection is good the most is th op, Also it takes the most time to repair. you can always restock resources with help from neighbors. another thingh to think about is gaurding your dock, if it gets destroyed you wont be able to launch any fleets til its repaired


Is there any site we can go to that might have good base map ideas for different level bases?


If you.want a friendless sector.chose 346.the sec rules don't let people aytak in sector


Use Lev with thuds HB3 and Loader 3 it will win more armour slots


So what is the best tactic aside from Spending 1,000.00 to kill sea wolves with lv 3 HB and lv4 thuds?

I seen them wiped out with the same weapon from FF but aside from that.
Currently I am using lv 4 Cutlass but even though they do more damage they are slow.

Any ideas are appreciated.


One of my favorite tricks is when repairing damaged ships, to remove enough of em from the fleet so that the repair takes 5 minutes or less. Start the fleet repair and then use the 'close enough' speed up to finish it. Then add more of them back and do it all over again. This basically repairs an entire fleet almost instantaneously, which really speeds up the game.

More tips and tricks at


Clayton the warehouses are the second most important to protect, the first is you OP which gives the same amount of loot as all your warehouses combined. The anit-mortar defense I have yet to see even work, the victory mortar on the other hand is a monster once you get to lvl 3 and 4.


Base defense and terrain are very important. You goal with base defense is to protect your loot. The warehouses lose the most resources when destroyed, so in my opinion their protection is most important. Your mines, zynthium processors, oil rigs, and wind farms can lose a large amount of resources if they aren't banked regularly, but if you are able to bank at least every 12 hours losing all of your resource collectors is not as damaging as losing a few warehouses. My favored terrain/defense weapon set-up is to create an island that has a large mass with a single grid square peninsula extending out and buffering one side of the island with seveal grid squares of water. It should resemble a port with a breakwall. The side with the peninsula buffer I will call the "weak side" of the island. The side of the island 180 degrees opposite of the "weak side" will be known as the "strong side" Position your warehouses as close to the "weak side" as possible. Make sure to account for walls to protect the warehouses from ballistic attack on the vulnerable ocean side(s) of the warehouse. If you can position your warehouses correctly and have arranged the terrain properly your warehouses should be immune from ballistic attack beause of distance on the "strong" side of the island. Now your job is simple, protect the "weak side" from attack. Missiles are good for engaging the enemy at a distance and pack a larger punch, but Howitzers have a much shorter reloading time and have no minimum attack distance. Anti- mortar and Anti-missile defense systems are important as well. You will find that a few well placed AA guns will dramatically reduce damage to your base structures. The rest you will have to learn from experience.


I found that when "mining" resources its important to release them when the "dracs" attack to reclaim the resources the return to their base without attacking!

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