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Light-bulbUnlimited cash bug

by Marián Bažalik - Jul 25, 2011 Star_s12,877 views

Hi folks
I think that new bug was introduced with latest release. When you visit a friend and spend your 5 free actions there on killing zombies, and the you return back later, you still have your 5 free actions. That means that visit to friends are unlimited until you kill only zombies.
So how to translate this into unlimited money. Thats a piece of cake
Just continue to kill construction zombies and then sell complete collection. You can have a complete collection in about 5 minutes and after this you can sell it for 5000 coins
Fair enough?

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12-em-plus add reply

i promise i will return the favor for each gift u click..thanks

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this is exactly what I did for quite some time (only kill construction zombies for money) but now the glitch has been fixed and no more unlimited killings at neighbors yard


just tried and it didn't work. boo :(
altho, the ability to get energy from neighbor visits seems to refresh several times a day now?


Actualy they have fixed it yesterday, so it is not possible to use it anymore. Can anybody confirm this?


this is a great tip! so easy to get those strong zombies over and over!


Until you are only killing zombies, you can spend all of 5 actions.


This really works. But you can't use your 5 kills, use ONLY 4 and then return. I have been playing like this for a couple of days and it helps with the collections and even missions.

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